About Us

Bryon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd is a company that has passed its infancy stage. The journey began with a Pharmaceutical Distribution Setup at the time when there was limited Pharmaceutical Trade/or Industrial Background within Peshawar, Pakistan (i.e., mid 60’s).

We embarked on our journey in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the Year 1995. In the early years, three products were launched in the limited market of N.W.F.P (North West Frontier Province of Pakistan). Later on, we extended our product lines & operations in national & international markets.

At present, products in the therapeutic class of; antibiotics, analgesic, anti-pyretics, anti-psychotic, anti ulcers, anti-hypertensive, anti-thrombosis, anti-diabetic, anti- histamines, anti-asthmatics, lipid lowering agent, anti-fungal, oral tablets, capsules, syrups and Vaginal inserts are manufactured at Bryon (see our Product List).

Bryon has been a family-oriented business where all family members have steered the ship for many past years.

Bryon, being the progressive pharmaceutical concern, has achieved ISO certification from United Registrar of Systems in the year 2000. The quality achieved at Bryon is due to the quality consciousness of production team as well as the management. All production processes have been carried out as per cGMP.

Bryon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd, is located in the North West Province of Pakistan (N.W.F.P) i.e., Peshawar City. Production & Marketing teams are highly qualified in the area of their expertise. It is pertinent to note here that Scientific Marketing has been perused by forming three teams on National Level.